Must remember passwords :/

I haven’t written anything since my first day here, because I did my favourite trick and forgot my password. I need to remember to write things down!

I have started to make my own style of journal for keeping track of information that could/should be useful to me. It is quite a lot of fun, and I am making it so that I can add more pages as required. I always seem to have something to say, write or remember, so this might help keep track of a few things.

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Plea for Peace

I long for quiet and for peace,

The noise and haste just never cease,

The craziness makes me so sad,

I feel like I am going mad.


I wish for peace and endless quiet,

I long to stop this noisy riot,

Go away! Leave me alone,

So I can rest here on my own.


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Welcome to my world!

I find I have many thoughts and interests that I would love to share with people, but have no idea if anyone would be interested. I decided that a blog would be a good place to start – no captive audience to torture with my opinions and ideas. If someone doesn’t like my blog, all they have to do is stop reading it.

Having said that, I hope I do get some readers, and that they provide me with feedback or comments. It is always helpful to get constructive criticism, or to be corrected if you make a glaring mistake.


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My favourite place

My favourite place

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